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Author - Charlotte

TravelRebel Testing the new canon EOS R in Bangladesh


Bangladesh, lovingly known as the ‘land of rivers’ because of all its waterways, will change the way you think about everything. In fact, it will even change your perception of life. Here, you will find yourself immersed in the mysteries of nature, unique and colorful festivity, and interactions with wise and wonderful people.    And here’s the kicker: South...

Senegal - duurzaam reizen - Ondersteun de lokale economie


Imagine you’re in Senegal.   You find yourself inside a typical white tourist van, windows closed, air conditioning on. Secretly holding the camera, you carefully view everything from a distance as you wave at children passing by. But here’s the catch: you’d much rather be sitting in a rusty taxi, having a chat with the local driver. You’d rather be stopping at...

One of the main contributors of turning a hidden gem into a touristy hotspot is undeniably Instagram. And, to be even more precise, that small feature called ‘geo-location’.


We’ve all discovered lots of supposedly ‘secret’ places that we fell in love with because someone wrote about them on social media. I, for one,  love to get off the beaten path and find relatively unknown spots far from the maddening crowds. Of course, it is tempting to share these spots so that others can enjoy them, too – but what if that means they are not secret...

Wat Hua Lamphong - Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok like a local

Backpackers will advise that you avoid Bangkok like the plague. They will tell you that it stinks, that it’s too hot and that there are too many people. And while this is of course all true, it’s part of Bangkok’s unique charm and there is honestly so much that this city has to offer. Also, let me tell you that two nights down Khao San Road isn’t going to...

Famous Big Dog in São Tomé, Africa, Lonely Planet

Things to do in São Tomé City & North São Tomé

One of Africa’s smallest country comprises two main islands — São Tomé and Principe. As you all know, I was lucky enough to visit this unique destination recently, and let me tell you one thing: São Tomé may be small but there’s A LOT to do here. The dense rainforests teeming with dozens of endemic species, wild cocoa and coffee plantations, magnificent...

Kitzbühel Oostenrijk TravelRebel

Kitzbühel, more than Kaiserschmarrn & Schnitzels. Sustainability projects & things to do.

At the end of our trip to one of the most enchanting places I’ve ever visited, all it took was a glance to reinforce the feeling of absolute coziness and contentment. At once, these words sprung to mind: Das Glück is a bird. Die Zufriedenheit is sein Nest. Simply translated, they mean: ‘Happiness is a bird. Satisfaction is his nest’.   Kitzbühel was true...

Turtle hatching Sao Tome

Exploring the Hidden Paradise of São Tomé

I entered 2019 with a vow to myself, I would explore and travel to more countries. And during the first month, I was able to do my first out of the country trip for the year. And guess where I went? Well, the place is considered as one of the world’s hidden paradise. Not lost, because it had always been there. Hidden, yes, because it hasn’t never been...