If there’s one thing I must tell about myself, it’s that I absolutely cannot sit still. I am constantly busy doing several things at the same time. But I don’t mind – in fact, I prefer it. It’s certainly no secret that I love to explore. Despite the current situation, I still do it, as often as possible. Always looking for new ways to be out and about – that’s me! And in this process, not only do I find new places, I also discover new bits of myself.

Here are some tips and tricks to incorporate some exploration in your everyday life!

Head out without a destination in mind

The unknown… something I love. New places, new discoveries, new experiences, new situations, new roads, new stories: I LOVE IT ALL. Repetition and routine are not for me. I like each day to be different. So, what’s the best plan for this? To have none! Hear me out: just go out without a set schedule and destination and see where you end up. Don’t be nervous. I guarantee that a whole new world will open up just for you!

Rise before the sun

I start my days early. As a little girl I was an early riser and I’m the same even today. I also like to be productive first thing. So, as soon as I get up, I take a walk in my neighborhood with Oscar (my dog). This is really one of my favorite moments of the day, something I wholeheartedly recommend! The silence, the light just beginning to spread across the sky, the absolute stillness… all these factors come together to make this the prime time for reflection and inspiration. And with that out of the way, you can have the whole day open to do all sorts of other things. Win-win!

Make smart attire choices

Since I can be on the go all day, I attach a lot of importance to the clothes I wear. I like to be as comfortable as possible so that I can avoid any uneasiness. As a result, I am constantly looking for fun, easy and practical sustainable items. What do I recommend? The North Face! I know I’ve mentioned their gear before, but let me do it again because it really is awesome. I recently purchased the new rainwear jacket from their new collection and I’m in love! Be sure to check it out because you will definitely not regret it.

Get to know yourself

These strange times are ideal to not just be on the road, but also to find yourself. In normal circumstances, we are so caught up in the grind of life that we forget to rest and reset. We constantly jump from here to there. Now, that life is on pause, so why not become one with yourself once again? Why not get reacquainted with the real you? Why not think deeply about who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve? Yes, this can be a triggering and difficult thing to do, but you can learn so much from it. My advice? Please do it… there’s immense growth in it for you.

Pick up new hobbies

As everything has changed recently, we can no longer do all of our normal daily activities. But don’t worry because there is so much we can do! I picked up a number of things that I already liked but didn’t prioritize before. My tip: do the same! Ideal for staying busy and, more importantly, enjoying the little things really adds significant color and dimension to life.

Need inspiration? Cooking, sports, crafts, painting, writing, meditation… you can even make your own candles! Truly, the list is endless. There are so many opportunities to engage in. I can promise that you will not regret it.

So, these are my tips & tricks on how to explore and keep yourself engaged during these crazy times. Let your inner creativity run wild, explore with abandon, and stay safe. We get one life… so let’s really live it, Rebels!

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