Packing is always a small adventure in itself. Now, as I prepare for my next trip to Sibera (yup, you heard that right), I can’t help but constantly think back to my last super cool adventure – pun intended – in Iceland. As you may recall, I was in this gorgeous place for five days back in May. Thanks to some smart planning and a whole lot of spirit, that experience became a truly memorable one… and I, for one, am very grateful for my packing skills (hey, it’s an art!).

So, if you’re in the process of chalking out a trip to Iceland, or another freezing place, read on to find out what you should bring along.

Packing Iceland

Travel light

Let’s face it: checked bags are a pain. I took one carry-on with me and arranged it quite methodically. Half of it was occupied by clothes and accessories and the other half with all the techy stuff like camera gear, laptop, drone… you get the gist. The other little, but equally important, things went in the nook and crannies. For the sake of details, let’s break it all down.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Iceland

Miscellaneous essentials

An eye mask is a must and I’m so glad I took this with me. In Iceland, the sun either goes down really, really late or not at all, but getting that rejuvenating sleep is so important.

Get some earplugs and keep them on you at all times. You never know when you’ll need them.

Don’t forget that hair conditioner, especially after the Blue Lagoon. Trust me, your hair will thank you.

Pack a light raincoat because precipitation is really unpredictable. Thankfully, we got super lucky and used our sunglasses way more than our raincoats.

An old-school roadmap. If you mark the places you want to see on the map beforehand, the sense of excitement becomes almost tangible.

Get some sunscreen and some aftersun lotion. I always take the Careplus travel set along.

All your essential mini liquids.

Passport, obviously. So glad European travelers don’t need a visa.

Camera! This country is beyond picturesque. I used my Canon Rebel  and it served me well.

An insulated bottle for water or tea. You can refill your bottle for free everywhere in Iceland, it’s a part of the culture. Water is free in every restaurant as well. My sturdy bottle is from KleanKanteen.  

I also always keep some steel straws with me no matter where I go. It seriously helps reduce plastic waste. Try it out.

Packing for Iceland

Clothes and accessories

Definitely pack a swimsuit and flip-flops for when you chill by (or in) the Blue Lagoon.

Hiking boots are an absolute necessity. Mine, from LOWA, were super comfortable and suitable for that terrain. I’d say it’s an investment worth making, especially for those outdoorsy souls.

A sweater and a few t-shirts with long and short sleeves. Remember, it’s all about layering. (TIP: roll your clothes so you can fit more stuff into your suitcase.)

Tights. Layering is key even when it comes to trousers, and the first layer is the most important. Synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene work the best, whereas wool and silk are the best natural fibers. I just packed some normal tights and wore them under my jeans whenever I felt cold.

Socks. And more socks. Keep some long ones for the hiking boots.

Although I took my regular jeans, I would recommend investing in durable trekking trousers if you plan to do multiple trips like this.

You definitely need a scarf, headband and beanie. My beautiful ones are 100% handmade, 100% baby alpaca wool, 100% fair fashion and 100% sustainable (not to mention, super cute too!).

A day trip backpack. The Fjallraven classics are always a good option.

Packing for Iceland

And that’s pretty much it, I think. If you need more help with packing for any kind of trip, let me know. It’s a process I’ve perfected with a lot of practice, so I truly hope it can make your upcoming journeys smoother and more memorable!



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