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Sustainable Tourism - The lure of Chain stores - Starbucks McDonalds - Travelblog TravelRebel


Think about it. Did you eat in a McDonalds during your last trip? Or maybe had a coffee at a Starbucks? Well, I’m currently at a Starbucks in Sofia as I type this, but hear me out. Just to be clear, this is not a hate campaign against Starbucks or McDonalds specifically. In fact, you can substitute the brand name of any chain you want in their place. What this...

Kitzbühel Oostenrijk TravelRebel

Kitzbühel, more than Kaiserschmarrn & Schnitzels. Sustainability projects & things to do.

At the end of our trip to one of the most enchanting places I’ve ever visited, all it took was a glance to reinforce the feeling of absolute coziness and contentment. At once, these words sprung to mind: Das Glück is a bird. Die Zufriedenheit is sein Nest. Simply translated, they mean: ‘Happiness is a bird. Satisfaction is his nest’.   Kitzbühel was true...