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How to Sustainably Love the Skin You’re in

Did you know that our skin is our largest organ? Yup. In fact, we carry around about 20 feet of it! And it’s not just a casing for aesthetic reasons… it protects us from all sorts of harmful elements, such as microbes. It also regulates our body temperature, which is essential for our sensory experiences and overall well being. Therefore, loving our skin is deeply...

Ischgl Austria - Sustainable ski trip

Ischgl: The Perfect Blend of Snow and Sustainability

I open my eyes to rays of crisp, golden sunlight streaming through the window. All at once, I become very aware of the warmth of the blanket, the utter softness of the sheets, the purity of the air, and just how incredibly recharged I feel. I race downstairs to a sumptuous, healthy breakfast and then to the slopes. What greets me takes my breath away… again. Perfect...

Driving to Lower Silesia in Poland with an Electric Car

Everyone looked at us with a small smile and twinkling eyes as we unveiled our travel plans. We were going through Germany by electric car, straight to Wroclaw in Poland. The last fast charger was at the border crossing. They asked us if we were afraid of finding ourselves without charging options in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say, we could could hardly deny...