If the idea of sustainable travel with kids grabs you by the throat, but you still love both adventure and parenting then you’re at the right adress for a heads up on this topic.

TravelRebel-mom Charlotte went on a sustainable trip to the Dutch Waddencoast and Wadden Island Schiermonnikoog with her 15 months old daughter. We are here to provide you with some tips and tricks to make travelling with children an enriching experience for both parent and child.

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We previously visited other Waddenislands Vlieland, Ameland en Terschelling.

Cycling on Schiermonnikoog
Life is not over when you're having kids, it might be just getting started.


When hitting the road with children, you want to make sure everything you need is packed and within reach. Especially with young children this can be a challenge taking into account all the extra care they need.


If you’re planning on driving for several hours, having a carseat with a tilt function so your child can have comfortable naps is definitely an added value. Furthermore you want to make sure that there’s enough interesting pitstops for sightseeing on your route. Travelling trough the Waddencoast area that was absolutely the case, this region is full of beautiful scenery and interesting visits. In between our different activities we did following pitstops:


Travelling by bike is the perfect way to get out of your mind and into your body, to dive depper into the experience. It’s a sustainable way of travelling, which is nice for both kids and adults. On Schiermonnikoog we hired an electric bike with childseat, the electric engine was very welcome there given the strong winds that are a regulare feature on the island.


A good night of rest is the most important basic as a parent, to get trough the day in a relaxed and fulfilling way. A factor you can not change is the amount of times your child wakes up at night. So let’s invest in what we can chose: the sleeping accomodation! (nl artikel: de factor die we wel in de hand hebben.)

We had a blast with the sleeping accomotations both on Schiermonnikoog as in the Waddencoast area.


The Horizon in Molenrij is a great example of sustainable travel meeting comfort, all tainted in bright colours so kids feel instantly triggerd to play. A highchair for dinner and a toddler cot including bed linnen are available, setting you free from packing this extra luggage. There is a beautiful garden and playing area where children of all ages can have a good time and at night you can experience a whole new level of stillness.

The upcycled cabins of The Horizon


Sustainable holidayfarm Springfield feels like the perfect family travel getaway and there is lots of space outside for kids to play with the free running chickens. Guests get their own basket for collecting eggs and a jug which they can fill up with fresh milk in the barn. The cottages are equipped with the typical Dutch “alkoofjes”, this brings an extra magical dimension to the stay. Our little Rebel went on a quest underneath those bedclosets looking for fairies. Highchair and toddler cot with bed linnen are available and the whole cottage is kidsproof.

When you look at the world with childlike wonder, the whole experience starts to change.



  • The Seal centre in Pieterburen: This is a great sustainable activity to do with kids, integrating both play and education.
  • The biodynamic farm Waddenmax: Enjoy the company tour, and watch the cows getting milked or go with the farmer, guiding the cows their stable.
  • The Menkemaborg museum: The museum itself is very interesting for older children (from age 6), but in the garden children of all ages can play and discover for example in the beautiful labyrinth.
  • The National Park Lauwersmeer: This stunning area has the label of Dark Sky Park in which you can watch the crystal clear nightsky with a sleeping child in the carrier or stroller. During the day, you can enjoy walking, cycling and bird watching, or challenge yourself and older children with water sports such as blokarting or kite surfing.


National Park Schiermonnikoog is the place to sit down with your child for a moment and soak up the sun. Go lay down in the grass and watch the clouds float by.

  • For kids who love to go on adventure and explore all that crosses their path there’s the OERR speelnatuur. A natural playground in the midst of National park Schiermonnikoog, this gem is free and accessable for everyone.
  • For kids who love to get along with farm animals, the Witte Winde is the place to be.
  • Always accessable are the beach, dunes, forests on the island. A super sustainable activity on your travel with kids is beachcombing, cleaning up washed-up material near the ocean.
  • The adventurous Travel Rebels can try beach sailing or a fatbike tour.
  • Another nice and sustainable place to visit with kids is the self picking garden near the branding. Here you can pick fresh organic veggies and flowers.
Cycling at Schiermonnikoog


When heading to a restaurant with children, following features are a surplus value:

  • high chair
  • play corner or toys accessable
  • children’s menu

All of the above is available at Restaurant Molenrij and at café ‘t Zielhoes which is established in the former lock keeper’s house of Noordpolderzijl, at the foot of the sea dyke. Also beautiful beach pavilion De Marlijn, harbour pavilion Wad Anderz and restaurant De Berkenplas nearby the eponymous lake match these criteria. Restaurant Ambrosijn in the cosy village offers a culinary masterpiece for both adults and children, including delicious home made icecream. Another childproof way to eat is going for a take-out lunch at De Koffiekajuit, and enjoy this at the beach.

When travelling with young children and not or partly breastfeeding, Travel Rebel mommy charlotte’s milk hack is your life saver. We Travel Rebels want to be self-sufficient so we can move freely and not be bothered by a strict schedule. Here’s the hack:

In the morning you fill up 2 insulated bottles, one with boiling water and one with cold water. You fill up your milk powder storage box and take one empty feeding bottle with you. This way you can make nice warm milk for your child troughout the whole day.

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