To answer the question: Is it possible to go roadtripping through Spain from Belgium with an electric car? Then it is an absolute yes! All you need is a good plan and, of course, not forgetting the charging stations. To help you on your way, we’re sharing our 5 tips to make your next trip as smooth as possible.

TIP 1: Look for the exact Actionradius of your car

As everyone knows, not every car has the same range. A fully charged battery of the Volkswagen ID3 that we drove with is about 420 km. In reality this is about 350km when you only drive on the highway.

TIP: Consider driving slower on the highway to save battery and recharge less. Also turn off the air conditioning

When you arrive at your destination, you will use less battery because you will be driving less on the highway and will therefore be driving slower. Also make sure to use the auto regeneration system. This system ensures that when you brake, the car will produce electricity. In this way, you will get a greater driving output than you had before.

Tip 2: Look for the charging stations beforehand

The first step is to research where the charging stations are. Then you start planning your route according to the charging stations. This means that there is not much room to deviate from the route. You have to make sure that the next charging station is within the predefined range of the car.

Fortunately, these days we live in a world full of technology. Apps come in handy on your road trip. Make sure the various necessary apps are present on your mobile phone.
These are the best apps and websites you can use:

  • Google maps
  • EDI App
  • Chargemap
  • Fastned
  • Or use the GPS system of the car
  • To use the apps and websites you need internet.

To use the apps and websites you need internet. Make sure you have this on your mobile phone so you can check it when you need to.
We used the following charging stations on our trip to Spain:

  • Aire de Ressons est ==> 40min charging at 0.65 cents per minute
  • IONITY Saran ==> 40 min charged at 0.79 cents per minute
  • Aire du Centre de la France Farges Allichamps ==> 50min charged at 0.79 cents per minute
  • Aire de Veyre ==> 50min charged at 0.79 Cent per minute
  • IONITY La garde ==> 50min charged at 0.79 cents per minute
  • Aire de Narbonne ==> 50min charged at 0.79 cents per minute
  • IONITY Village de Catalan ==> 20min charged at 0.79 cents per minute

TIP: Always keep a surplus of about 50km. So you can always get to a new charging station nearby.

Tip 3: Make a good plan

A good start is half the battle, as they say. So do you want to start your holiday stress-free? Set off with a fully charged battery towards your final destination. You can do this by connecting it to a charging station at home if one is available. Or maybe there is a public charging station nearby. This way you don’t have to lose too much time at the beginning of your road trip.

Research the route you will take in advance to determine the travel time and the charging stations. Especially when you are in Spain, good planning is essential. In Spain they are still a little behind in installing public charging stations. In France, Belgium and the Netherlands they are much further ahead.

Tip 4: Be flexible

When you see that the car is taking longer to charge. Get out and have a coffee or go for a walk in the neighbourhood. You can also look for a place to spend the night to have a good sleep on your way to Spain. We did this at Rêve Aveyron in Saint Izaire. This place is definitely worth a visit. More about this place can be found in the following blog post: Hidden gem in France where a unique experience and peace are central

Tip 5: Book a stay with a charging station

If you are on a road trip with a car, it is advisable to book accommodation where you can recharge the car. If you book with, you can easily filter the information by clicking on ‘charging points for electric vehicles’. Is there no charging station? Ask whether you can connect your car with your own charging cable to a normal socket on the domain. The charging time will be longer, but usually you have enough power to get you through the day until your next stop.

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