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Duurzame inpaklijst voor op vakantie - Osprey - TravelRebel


Maybe you start packing everything weeks before your holiday. Or maybe you prefer to throw everything together in your suitcase hours before departure. But it is definitely a good idea to really think about what you’re packing and how sustainable that is. That’s why, from now on, you can use our sustainable holiday packing list. We’ve carefully composed it after...

Tips and Tricks to Travel Sustainably in Aruba

“Take a deep breath, breathe into your stomach, and exhale slowly,” says yoga instructor Dani. As the gentle wind caresses my hair, I take a deep breath of the salty, pure air. Even though my eyes are closed, I can still feel the unreal beauty of Aruba, the warmth on my skin and the smile on my face. This is happiness. Raw happiness. Moments later, as I...

Duurzaam reizen - Tips om milieubewust te vliegen - Reisblog België TravelRebel - ARUBA - KLM

5 Tips to Fly in an Eco-Friendly Manner

Aruba, a sun-drenched island in the Caribbean, is a part of the well-known ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao). It’s an amazing place to visit, full of adventure and sunshine… but it’s also quite far away. So how can we get there in a more sustainable manner? This is a question I receive all too often, so read on to find out. Swimming to the...

De beste reisfilms in tijden van Corona

31 Movies Every Travel Enthusiast Must Watch

In these crazy pandemic-fueled times, we may no longer be able to travel much, but we can live vicariously through our favorite movie characters. If you think about it, it’s actually the perfect time to kick back and enjoy some great films. So, where should you start? Here are some movies that will make you think, feel and dream again! Lion (2016) In this great...