Now that the electric car is on the rise, more and more car holidays will become electric. We have already proven with TravelRebel that you can perfectly travel by electric car to further destinations such as Spain (read all about our road trip through the Basque Country) and Poland (read all about slow traveling in Lower Silesia). But dream destinations are also closer to home within the radius of 1 charge. Have you already thought about going to Luxembourg by electric car?

Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is, incomprehensibly enough, still too little on the holiday planning of many. However, there are plenty of reasons to make this an annual trip. Luxembourg City is a gem to see. In addition, you can enjoy delicious food, drinks and also walking and cycling throughout Luxembourg. All the perfect ingredients to get away from it all. In terms of a sustainable destination, Luxembourg is definitely at the top with its mobility solutions and focus on nature.

Charging on the go

Luxembourg is only a 2.5 hours drive from Flanders. With our Audi Q4, that meant that we reached Luxembourg city in 1 go, without charging on the way. Since it was December and therefore a bit colder, we had a slightly lower radius of 380 kilometers. If your car has a smaller range, you can connect to the fast charger in Namur. In any case, you can easily drive to Luxembourg by electric car without losing much time.

Charging your electric car in Luxembourg City

In Luxembourg City you will find a huge number of charging stations on the street. Near our accomodation, GRAACE hotel, there were 2 charging stations on the square, but they were always occupied by electric taxis. You will find few available parking spaces in Luxembourg City anyway, so charging on the street is actually not that convenient.

The first evening, looking for a free charging point, we came across an Audi garage where we could park and charge for free. Of course we took advantage of that, but we couldn’t make a habit of it.

The second evening we parked the car in the public parking lot at the train station. It costs 20 euros for 24 hours and you have an enormous bunch of charging stations. Almost the entire ground floor is reserved for electric (shared) cars. If you want to get to your next destination quickly from the station, you can use public transport or the electric Vel’oh city bikes.

You will find the Vel’oh stations scattered all over the city and they only cost 2 euros for a whole day. In addition, all public transport in Luxembourg is completely free for everyone. Ideal for parking your electric car a little further from your destination at a free charging point.

Charging your electric car outside Luxembourg City

At our other stopovers in Luxembourg that were outside the capital, we always found available charging points. They were often on the village square or at locations of the tourist office. Occasionally you could even get a free charge card inside, super easy.

But what you actually have to remember is that Luxembourg is not far from Belgium, Germany and France on the one hand and that everything in Luxembourg is half an hour to an hour’s drive from each other on the other. So we were never really busy with our loading planning because we got everywhere smoothly.

What to do in Luxembourg?

You can enjoy delicious food, drinks, but also walking and cycling throughout Luxembourg. All the perfect ingredients to get away from it all. You can read all about it in our article ‘7 tips you must do in Luxembourg‘. Our tip for a stopover with an electric car just across the border? The street art of the Make Koler Kooler project in Kahler.

Text and images: TravelRebel Silke

Video: TravelRebel Kim

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