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Anti Overtourism

Here’s why I rally against overtourism – and why you should, too


One Planet Rating interviewing Travel Rebel: Be a bit adventurous and you will be surprised

This interview was published on One Planet Rating   “Don’t limit yourself by sticking to mainstream destinations that you’ve already heard a ton about. Be a bit adventurous and venture into the relatively unknown lands. You will be surprised, in the best way. Trust me!”, says our latest featured travel blogger – Charlotte from Travel Rebel. So read on if you’re...



Are You a Respectful Traveler? While travel isn’t always selfless, it’s a beautiful way to grow, learn about the world first-hand and create connections with people from all walks of life. If your greatest joy in life is packing a bag and heading off to discover a country to spend time among different sights, cultures and traditions, then perhaps you are already...

Chichicastenango Guatemala


Is sustainable travel something that appeals to you, but like many other en vogue terms being thrown around, you’re not really quite sure what it means? Are you simply someone who’s passionate about traveling and are trying to pursue it in the most mindful manner possible? Or are you already an expert when it comes to eco tourism? Whatever the case may be, we can all...

Temple of Valadier Le Marche Italy

Unplug in Italy: Exploring beautiful Le Marche, a relatively unknown region in Italy

Exploring beautiful Le Marche, a relatively unknown region in Italy When it comes to Italy, everyone knows about Rome, Venice, Naples, and even the region of Tuscany. During our month-long road trip through this beautiful country, we made it a point to get to know that other Italy – the real, less-talked-about Italy – and this is what led us to Le Marche. The Le...