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How to avoid mass tourism in Greece

Imagine waking up in a small paradise up in the mountains. You saunter to your terrace, from where you can see the beautiful blue sea and an old Venetian castle. Then, Vanessa, the manager, comes along and greets you with a hearty ‘kalimèra!’ (good morning), a big smile, and delicious breakfast. And now you know for sure you’re on vacation in Greece.

Yup, sure enough, this is what our mornings were like when we stayed at the delightful El Sol Hotel, run by the enterprising Vanessa and her 21-year-old daughter.

Kythira is a rather popular wedding destination and El Sol is the ideal place for your guests to stay at. In fact, Vanessa even secretly told me that she will be the very best mother-in-law ever after all those conversations she’s had with mother-in-laws at so many big, fat Greek weddings!


Kythira beautiful and unknown

Kythira is a relatively unknown gem, a beautiful Greek island where you will not find mass tourism like that in Santorini or Crete. Just about 4,000 people live here. Fun fact: you will regularly hear Australian music as many of the previous generations emigrated to the land down under and are now coming back to find their roots or reconnect with family.

According to ancient Greek mythology, Kythira is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. (Of course, there are several other theories about the birthplace of this goddess, as well, but this island’s character surely does fit in with this narrative.)

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Photo by TravelRebel founder Charlotte Noël

Best time to visit

Travel as often as possible outside the high season. Also, during the off-season months of May, June, September and October, the temperature is still great in Kythira, so you can fully enjoy your holiday. 

By traveling outside the high season, you ensure a more continuous stream of income for the locals and avoid the crowds. It is also often a lot cheaper on your pocket. WIN-WIN!
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Hike to your heart’s content

Kythira is the ideal destination if you like to go hiking. You will find more than 100 kilometers of trails along the beautiful coast, mountains, and more than 60 villages just waiting to be discovered.

At Pyrgos House, Frank will be happy to help you develop the perfect route and you can also receive some Dutch-language guidance, if you want.

Hiking in Greece - along the coastline at Kythera Island

More fun activities on the island of Kythera

Pyrgos House doesn’t just specialize in walking tours. Here, you can also book a Greek cooking workshop, taste olive oil, learn to make soap… the list is endless.

Are you very adventurous? Go canyoning, sailing, mountain biking, sea kayaking or diving.

A bit of a foodie? Taste the local cuisine at Trattamento near the beach or enjoy an evening under the trees at Platanos, sipping on some Fatourada (local herbal liqueur with a delicious cinnamon taste).

Another local delicacy that you should try is the pure thyme honey. Head out on Sunday morning and check out the selection at the local market.

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Oh, definitely explore the coastal village of Avlemonas, with its picturesque bays and romantic atmosphere. Near Avlemonas, you can find the largest and most beautiful beach, Paleopolis.

Tip: combine your trip to Kythera with a citytrip in Athene

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Neraida Waterfall Kythera

Another must-do activity is going to the Neraida waterfall. Take a towel and a book with you so that you can spend a few hours in the lap of nature there. Trust me, it’s totally worth it (and quite therapeutic!).

Kythira Green

The Facebook group Kythira Green calls on residents and tourists to keep the island clean. A simple slogan, ‘Kythira Green, Kythira Clean’, helps remind people to resist the use of plastic.

Smart and sustainable travel tips

  • Combine a trip to Athens with a few days in Kythira.
  • The planet’s well-being constantly on your mind? Amp up your sustainable travel quotient even more by offsetting your CO2 emissions using an invaluable tool such as Greentripper. This really is a wonderful, beneficial way to neutralize the climate impact of your trip. Through this, you support projects doing stellar work to make our world healthier and happier for all.
  • Opt for locally operated restaurants and hotels, so you can be sure that your money will stay with the locals and have a positive impact.
  • Buy artisan souvenirs and let the many typical magnets (that are actually made in China) pass you by.
  • Do not accept plastic bags with a purchase.
  • Do not accept plastic cups when you order take-away coffee. Ask for a recycled cardboard cup… or even better: bring your own reusable cup!
  • Always say in advance that you do not want a plastic straw and bring your own sustainable straw.
  • Take your refillable drinking bottle with you everywhere! So easy, so environmentally friendly.
  • Always take your own reusable bag with you. (Have you seen our new eco-friendly TravelRebel tote bags?)

And, of course, do let me know how your very own Kythira adventure turns out! Happy traveling, rebels.

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Greece – Kythira


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