I’ve always been a fan of traveling in a unique way. I’m not just talking about the places I go to, but everything that comes with it. Unique experiences, unique kinds of transport, unique conversations, unique stories, etc. That’s what real travel is to me and always will be. But how do you get to do this? Well, this can be done on your own of course, but also with a travel company. The ideal example? Travelbase! Travelbase is all about ‘Once-in-a-lifetime experiences’ in the form of active trips to unique places. They organize all kinds of trips. The Iceland Trail is one of them. AND I LOVE IT!

What is the Iceland Trail?

The Iceland Trail is a 5-day adventure through challenging Iceland. During the five days you will complete the Laugavegur route. A breathtaking hike along fantastic and colorful rhyolite mountain and hilly landscapes, along bubbling sulfur pools, snowfields, rivers, glaciers and some natural hot springs. You will pass one natural phenomenon after another with breathtaking panoramas. Awesome! Not only have I noticed that, but also National Geographic. This route was declared one of the most beautiful hiking routes in the world. In other words, a dream for every adventurous hiking enthusiast and definitely a must do!

Not convinced yet? The tour doesn’t only take you through one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe, but you also get a picture of the rough and beautiful Iceland – the land of fire and ice. You will also experience this through the way you spend the night, because you will sleep in a tent. The ideal way to become one with Icelandic nature if you ask me. Every evening you’ll set up your tent with the rest of the group and you’ll sit together with your adventure food meal in hand.

Some practical matters


Trips with The Iceland Trail are possible in the months of July and August. Each trail consists of limited places to keep it small scale. Every trip is guaranteed and there are still places available at the moment!


You cover the entire route by foot. The daily distance amounts between 11-16 km. Because Iceland is not one of the easiest countries to travel through, a complete weekly schedule has been set up. In this planning, Travelbase has made sure to plan the most beautiful places in a reasonably compact time. During the route, you get your own portion of independence. This way, you complete the routes according to an E-trail book that you’ll receive. If needed, you also have the necessary guidance from Dutch-speaking guides.

Options you can book are:

  • A camping gear package for €65. Including tent, sleeping bag, mat, and liner.
  • Luggage transport by a purpose-built car so that you only have to carry your daypack during the day.
  • An adventure foodpack that provides you with food during the trip.
  • Direct flights from Paris, Brussels, or Amsterdam.
  • Rental of walking sticks.
  • Travel assistance insurance and/or cancellation insurance.
  • Spend the first and last night in Reykjavík.


The last thing I want to emphasize is: keep in mind that you will be doing some firm walks. A good baseline condition and health are important.


The Iceland Trail is a balanced walking route with overnight stays in special places, in one with nature. This for an affordable price and with a complete logistics organization. Winwin! Perhaps most importantly if you ask me, it is an incredible experience and a fantastic way to discover Iceland at its purest. Curious about more details such as dates, weekly schedule, photos, etc? Check it out here and book your Iceland Trail together with Travelbase!


  • Lida

    May 3, 2021

    Taking the plane for a five day hike is not my idea of sustainable travel…

    • Mayte Sanchez

      May 3, 2021

      I totally get your point, but the journey itself has been made as sustainable as possible. For example, the entire route that you take by foot and overnight in tents. Which in my opinion, compensates for the flight 😊 But indeed, definitely something you should consider


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