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“Isn’t it freezing cold there?”


As soon as I told my friends and family I was planning a trip to Siberia, their reactions were immediate and identical: “Isn’t it freezing cold there?”

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Don't allow your life to be just fine. Or okay. Or even good. Make it brilliant, spectacular, wild, extraordinary. Fill with excitement &nd adventure, be passionate &nd fearless, search for freedom &nd opportunity. Make it mean something. Make it yours. 🌲 Camping in Siberia was a fantastic experience. Waking up surrounded by pure nature & the loveliest people, exploring the remoteness of Siberia & late night bonfires was better than I ever imagined. Where was your last camping adventure? 🌲 #livealittlerisky #seekadventure #siberiaphoto #russia #siberia #nightsunderthestars #wildnature #sustainabletravel #duurzaamreizen #reizen #offthebeatenpath #mysdgspot #adventureisoutthere #wedstrijd #dametravel #altaimountains #iseefaces #pacuaratravel #whitewaterofsiberia #solotravellingisfun

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Well, here’s a fun fact: although it does drop to -40 °C in the winter, Siberia is not cold all the time. In fact, the summers are very hot, with temperatures soaring to 40 °C. Nevertheless, packing for a camping and rafting trip to Siberia towards the end of September can be rather challenging, which is why I did something that I haven’t done for a while… I overpacked! If you’re planning your very own Siberian adventure (which you definitely should), I hope this blog can help you avoid some of the stress I invariably dealt with.

Do keep in mind that we explored the Altai Region in southern Siberia, close to the borders of Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China. So, really, practically in the middle of nowhere. Now let’s get down to the packing!

Documents and technical stuff


  • Your passport and Russian visa (this is literally the most important thing you need)
  • Details of your travel insurance (you need proof of this when applying for a Russian visa)
  • Some cash don’t forget to withdraw a bit when you arrive
  • An offline translating app
  • A power bank (luckily, Europeans don’t need special electricity plugs)
  • Camera with extra batteries and perhaps even an extra memory card


TIP: Buy a SIM card at the airport and do mention that you will be travelling to the Altai Region

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"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." Traveling is more than just visiting unfamiliar places. It goes deep within yourself. It opens your mind to new ideas of living. It develops in you a sense of empathy towards nature. It makes you even more responsible. And when you get home, you kind of have this huge feeling in your chest like, you want to make the world a better place. Sounds cliche right? But it's a good feeling. And it motivates you to take small steps on making it happen. Inspiring other people to do so. That's one of the most positive impact traveling can do to someone. And thats what it did to me. Can you share what effect does traveling had on you? #sustainabletravel #russia #siberia #visitsiberia #fjällräven #ayacucho #solotravellingisfun

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Clothing and accessories



  • A tick remover, as there are quite a few ticks in the Siberian woods (never ignore your health while on the go)
  • Sunscreen and aftersun, such as the Careplus travel set (during our stay, there was sunshine every single day)
  • Moisturizing cream
  • Insect repellant
  • A good first aid kit and all prescription medications you need
  • A warm sleeping bag that is good up to -10°C
  • A durable and water resistant day pack, such as the one I have, which is made from recycled polyester and organic cotton
  • An insulated drinking bottle. Even though you can drink straight from the river, I was rather happy with my bottle, especially since it was quite convenient for our Russian Kompot consumption (a warm fruit drink with lots of sugar that’s perfect for intense hikes)
  • A headlamp, because every you will need it to find your way to the toilettes at night
  • Toilet paper and wet wipes (you’ll thank me later!)
  • A spork (spoon fork)
  • Pocket knife
  • Rafting and camping gear
  • Lip balm, preferably higher than SPF 30
  • Snacks, because Russian food is, ummm, special. Best to stay prepared for those hunger pangs with yummy snacks of your own

Siberia is an absolutely wonderful destination for adventure seekers make the most of it!


And that’s about it! As a measure of goodwill, take some presents from your home country along the Russians will love it. And last, but certainly not the least, don’t leave that courage and sense of adventure at home! Siberia is an absolutely wonderful destination for adventure seekers make the most of it!

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