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Tag - Anti overtourism

Duurzaam reizen in West-Canada: berghutten in de nationale parken


When the national parks in Canada thaw around June, you have about four months to enjoy them. The Banff, Jasper, and Glacier National Parks attract thousands of visitors with their wild flowers, azure lakes and glaciers.  Are you interested in discovering Canada on your own? Then read on and make a note of these lesser-known tips. Go fishing with a local Vancouver...

One of the main contributors of turning a hidden gem into a touristy hotspot is undeniably Instagram. And, to be even more precise, that small feature called ‘geo-location’.


We’ve all discovered lots of supposedly ‘secret’ places that we fell in love with because someone wrote about them on social media. I, for one,  love to get off the beaten path and find relatively unknown spots far from the maddening crowds. Of course, it is tempting to share these spots so that others can enjoy them, too – but what if that means they are not secret...

Wat Hua Lamphong - Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok like a local

Backpackers will advise that you avoid Bangkok like the plague. They will tell you that it stinks, that it’s too hot and that there are too many people. And while this is of course all true, it’s part of Bangkok’s unique charm and there is honestly so much that this city has to offer. Also, let me tell you that two nights down Khao San Road isn’t going to...


One Planet Rating interviewing Travel Rebel: Be a bit adventurous and you will be surprised

This interview was published on One Planet Rating   “Don’t limit yourself by sticking to mainstream destinations that you’ve already heard a ton about. Be a bit adventurous and venture into the relatively unknown lands. You will be surprised, in the best way. Trust me!”, says our latest featured travel blogger – Charlotte from Travel Rebel. So read on if you’re...

Overtourism - it is tempting to share these spots so that others can enjoy them, too – but what if that means they are not secret anymore? So, just how specific do YOU get when you tag a location in a post?


Are You a Respectful Traveler? While travel isn’t always selfless, it’s a beautiful way to grow, learn about the world first-hand and create connections with people from all walks of life. If your greatest joy in life is packing a bag and heading off to discover a country to spend time among different sights, cultures and traditions, then perhaps you are already...

Erasmus Toulouse

Tips for Erasmus in Toulouse, France

How to make the most of this awesome student exchange adventure Have you ever been on Erasmus? If you have, then you know that this is the time of your life! A time when anything is possible, a time of absolute freedom and no responsibilities, a time when you really get a chance to live life to the fullest. For those of you who don’t know, the Erasmus Programme is...



Can Tourism Ever Be Terrible? Casting the critical limelight on holiday tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon.Until just a few years ago, tourism was always hailed – by individuals and nations alike – as a fruitful activity that spurred economic activity, increased cultural appreciation and goodwill among different countries, and generally made the lives of...