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One of the main contributors of turning a hidden gem into a touristy hotspot is undeniably Instagram. And, to be even more precise, that small feature called ‘geo-location’.


We’ve all discovered lots of supposedly ‘secret’ places that we fell in love with because someone wrote about them on social media. I, for one,  love to get off the beaten path and find relatively unknown spots far from the maddening crowds. Of course, it is tempting to share these spots so that others can enjoy them, too – but what if that means they are not secret...

Firenze - overtouristy

Florence, an overburdened gem

How to make your trip to Firenze a more mindful and sustainable one Each place has its very own character, its very own personality. No matter what happens externally, that remains in place… right? Well, the answer isn’t quite that simple. Regardless of what the character of a place may be, our ability to experience it can greatly be affected by external factors...

Roadmap Puglia


Puglia, hidden in the boot of Italy’s heel, is an emerging region that’s ideal as a road trip destination. If you are looking to spend some quality sun-drenched time on phenomenal beaches and in beautiful cities, look no further. Perfect road trip in Italy During our one-month road trip through Italy, we simply could not skip Puglia. However, it is also the ideal...

Temple of Valadier Le Marche Italy

Unplug in Italy: Exploring beautiful Le Marche, a relatively unknown region in Italy

Exploring beautiful Le Marche, a relatively unknown region in Italy When it comes to Italy, everyone knows about Rome, Venice, Naples, and even the region of Tuscany. During our month-long road trip through this beautiful country, we made it a point to get to know that other Italy – the real, less-talked-about Italy – and this is what led us to Le Marche. The Le...