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Tag - Africa

Turtle hatching Sao Tome

Exploring the Hidden Paradise of São Tomé

I entered 2019 with a vow to myself, I would explore and travel to more countries. And during the first month, I was able to do my first out of the country trip for the year. And guess where I went? Well, the place is considered as one of the world’s hidden paradise. Not lost, because it had always been there. Hidden, yes, because it hasn’t never been...

Girls Trip in Fes


Friday. Started counting down the hours long before work ended, our excitement tangible. This was the night! The night we would fly to Fes, a city in northern Morocco.   Who’s this ‘we’ I speak of? Seven girls looking for sunshine, adventure, good food, new friends… and, of course, lots of shopping. I can’t conjure up  a more fun group even if I tried. It was already...



An adventure that merged travel, sustainability and social entrepreneurship As the first part of this blog made clear, my trip to Africa was chock full of adventure, excitement, brilliant human interactions, animal encounters, and a ton of growth opportunities. This blog recounts all that happened after part one ended. Enjoy! Change is in the offing   The...