Travel isn’t something I do, it’s who I am.

So what has my life been like so far?

Well, I’ve studied abroad, worked in the corporate world, loved with all my heart, started a company (or two!) and had many, many unforgettable adventures in foreign lands.

I’ve been a wanderer and risk-taker for as long as I can remember – and somehow, I’ve managed to retain that outlook on life even as I’ve transitioned to adulthood.

To say that my first overseas trip impacted me deeply would be an understatement. Simply put, it changed me.

Since then, the uniqueness and authenticity of each place has fundamentally altered me (for the better, I hope!) and I long for more of that kind of learning and growth every single day.

Each morning, I stare at my marked world map, obsessively flick through potential  itineraries, read travel stories, look up plane tickets … all in the quest of more such experiences.

So what is my aim with TravelRebel?

Above all else, I hope this platform can inspire you to look at the world a little differently, to treat it a little more respectfully. Discovery and growth go hand in hand, and I hope my words and experiences can help you leave cleaner footprints wherever you go.

So… welcome, fellow travel rebel! Let’s embrace sustainable travel and broaden our horizons as we mindfully explore new places (and, in that process, ourselves). Here’s to  finding beauty in the broken. To listening to that muffled inner voice. To being brave. And to always, always going after those dreams.

After all, we get one shot at this crazy adventure called life. Let’s make it a good one.