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Sustainable traveller

Sustainable Travel



Thank you, 2018; Watch out, 2019!   Once again, the new year is knocking at our door, which means it’s time again — time for reflection. The last year ended with a tan, a backpack full of souvenirs from Indonesia and a broken heart. In some ways, you can say that I was at my lowest back then. I had a severe burn-out, no time and energy left for my close...

Women Empowerment


Women empowerment – we may hear these terms often, but do we have the exact knowledge of what it really meant? Women empowerment is the process in which women are given the freedom to be what they can be and to do the things they previously were denied of. It is when women are able to access the opportunities available to them without drastic limitations and...


One Planet Rating interviewing Travel Rebel: Be a bit adventurous and you will be surprised

This interview was published on One Planet Rating   “Don’t limit yourself by sticking to mainstream destinations that you’ve already heard a ton about. Be a bit adventurous and venture into the relatively unknown lands. You will be surprised, in the best way. Trust me!”, says our latest featured travel blogger – Charlotte from Travel Rebel. So read on if you’re...

Duurzame cadeautjes


The temperature has dropped drastically, which means only one thing: it’s time to give free reign to that colourful Christmas spirit! Warm chocolate, mulled wine, &nd lots of lots of twinkling lights are just some of the things I adore about this festive season. One thing I’m not so crazy about? That intense (&nd often wasteful)  gift hunt. Well, today, I’m...

Overtourism - it is tempting to share these spots so that others can enjoy them, too – but what if that means they are not secret anymore? So, just how specific do YOU get when you tag a location in a post?


Are You a Respectful Traveler? While travel isn’t always selfless, it’s a beautiful way to grow, learn about the world first-hand and create connections with people from all walks of life. If your greatest joy in life is packing a bag and heading off to discover a country to spend time among different sights, cultures and traditions, then perhaps you are already...

Positive impact Tourism


Making a positive impact with tourism & supporting locally-owned businesses The United Nations Environment Program reports that in a typical mass tourism package, of each USD 100 spent by a tourist from a developed country, as little as USD 5 actually stays in a developing destination’s economy. Why’s that important? Too often when all your money goes to...

Firenze - overtouristy

Florence, an overburdened gem

How to make your trip to Firenze a more mindful and sustainable one Each place has its very own character, its very own personality. No matter what happens externally, that remains in place… right? Well, the answer isn’t quite that simple. Regardless of what the character of a place may be, our ability to experience it can greatly be affected by external factors...



Travel Rebel’s practical tips on how to explore the world in a more mindful manner When it comes to sustainable tourism, most of us think we know the drill. We turn off the lights when we leave the room (at least I hope you do!), we try not to keep the tap leaking all night, and we don’t throw away our trash anywhere in plain sight. Well, I have some news: this is...

Healthcare during travelling

How to keep your health in check while traveling

No one wants to fall ill during a fun trip, but every frequent traveler has probably dealt with this at least once. A few nights of severe cramps, spiking fever, or insane back pain? Yup, been there, done that. Luckily, most of these are temporary and rather simple ailments to treat. However, that doesn’t mean you should take your health for granted or forget about...