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Solo reizen

Solo Travel

Contrary to common misconceptions, solo travel isn’t lonely and uncool. It’s actually super liberating and will help you grow in ways you never thought possible.

Read these blogs to find out why I love traveling by myself, and why you should give it a go!

Healthcare during travelling

How to keep your health in check while traveling

No one wants to fall ill during a fun trip, but every frequent traveler has probably dealt with this at least once. A few nights of severe cramps, spiking fever, or insane back pain? Yup, been there, done that. Luckily, most of these are temporary and rather simple ailments to treat. However, that doesn’t mean you should take your health for granted or forget about...

Charlotte TravelRebel.be


We all have our peculiarities – here are six random facts about me! As any traveller will tell you, getting to know a place – and person – is all in the details. When I started this blog, I decided to be as true to myself and my vision of travel as possible. This obviously means that there is no room for facades and masks. So who am I? Well, I could give you a blow...



How I travelled through Guatemala in a sustainable way My tilt towards sustainable travel goes way, way back. In fact, I think it was my first real backpacking adventure at merely 20 years old that shaped a lot of my views on tourism. This blog is a nostalgic retelling of that very significant trip. Mindful lodging It was the summer of 2012 when I got to experience...


Music makes me travel

We all know how a song can immediately take you back to a specific moment, place or person. Here are some tracks that I can always turn to when I want to relive some of my adventures.   Hotel California instantly takes me back to that moment we got stuck on a small mountain road in Guatemala because all the freight fell off the truck right in front of us...

Erasmus Toulouse

Tips for Erasmus in Toulouse, France

How to make the most of this awesome student exchange adventure Have you ever been on Erasmus? If you have, then you know that this is the time of your life! A time when anything is possible, a time of absolute freedom and no responsibilities, a time when you really get a chance to live life to the fullest. For those of you who don’t know, the Erasmus Programme is...

solo traveller

Ticket for one!

Why I love traveling solo, and why you should try it out at some point The concept of solo travel has been embraced wholeheartedly in recent years, especially by more and more women. It’s not just for the daredevils among us –  in fact, everyone can (and should!) take a trip on their own at least once. You see, when you travel solo, you not only learn to stand firm...


I can hardly control the growing  jitters of excitement in my stomach during the weeks leading up to my departure. Over enthusiastic, with a gigantic smile planted on my face, I step on the plane headed to Melbourne. A short stop in Doha and an overall pleasant journey with Qantas later, I finally arrive … and the jitters are instantly replaced by another feeling...